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Diagnosing Infertility


A one-step thorough examination of the women’s reproductive system

This unique examination combines diagnostic hysteroscopy and fallopian tubes patency demonstration (echovist) in one examination
This innovation of Dr. Bar-Hava enables him to get a precise and detailed picture of your reproductive organs in a one-step clinic procedure.
This innovative method can replace a couple of different examinations conducted in several different locations that involves X-ray and Iodine exposure (as in Hystero-Salpingo-Graphy-HSG) or even general anesthesia (as practiced in several places) .

The examination is composed of three stages:
1. Transvaginal ultrasound scan to demonstrate uterus position and structure and ovarian structure.
2. Diagnostic hysteroscopy demonstrating the uterine cavity.
3. Echovist contrast material demonstration of the fallopian tubes patency and spillage.
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