About the fertility center

the desire to become a parent is universal. Many women and couples experience difficulties during this process, for various reasons: biological, physiological, and emotional. The fertility center from A to Z offers an all-inclusive approach for woman and couples on all topics related to fertility and fetal medicine, providing you throughout the entire process. For this purpose, our clinic offers all the diagnostic and treatment methods required for various fertility issues in both men and women. Furthermore, we offer all the exams required during the pregnancy follow up. Allowing your journey to parenthood to be a safe and meticulous one, with all these services provided under one roof.

Our vision

The fertility clinic from A to Z was founded 25 years ago by Dr. Itai Bar-Hava, in order to provide an all-inclusive approach to those who required assistance in starting a family.
The foundation of our clinic is a true understanding a desire to help woman plan their life path (self-fulfillment, parenthood, relationships, and career). We believe that each woman knows what is best for her, and that it is important to consider that sometimes life can throw curveballs our way.
Our job is to make the information you seek as accessible as possible, to listen, assist and guide each woman throughout the possibilities before her.

All under one roof

We aim to provide an all-inclusive approach for all woman and couples when it comes to fertility and fetal medicine, throughout the entire process. For this purpose, our clinic offers all the diagnostic tools and treatment methods required to identify and treat various fertility issues in both men and woman. Furthermore, we also perform all the prenatal exams necessary for you to have peace of mind on your journey towards parenthood. All this provided under one roof.
Our clinics staff is composed of senior physicians from various medical centers who underwent extensive training each an expert in their own field. We believe in providing a comprehensive approach when it comes to fertility. Therefore, we have our own sperm lab, offer dietary consultation, perform fetal echocardiography, genetic consultation, endocrinological consultation, emotional support, and breastfeeding support. We have hired top notch experts in each one of these fields all under one roof.
Our center is computerized and contains top of the line equipment enabling a precise and efficient diagnosis as well as treatment plan for various complicated medical conditions.

Guiding you on your journey towards parenthood


  1. An all-inclusive approaches (all the investigations and treatments provided under one roof).
  2. A professional and well-trained staff. Upon admission we do a thorough background check of your past medical history.
  3. During the first consultation where the aforementioned will be summarized, we will perform a thorough pelvic ultrasound in order to assess your uterus and ovaries. Furthermore, we will assess your ovarian reserve based on your AFV-antral follicle count.
  4. We will pay close attention to small details throughout the entire process.
  5. The treatment will be tailored made to best fit your needs, rather than simply following common protocol.
  6. A careful pregnancy follow-up where several physicians (the number depends on whether or not it is a high risk pregnancy).

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