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The fertility center from A to Z

Most women and couples who have trouble conceiving, will be successful while undergoing fertility treatment, regardless of where they are treated and by whom.

Between 20-30% of woman/couples will experience recurrent failure and will not be successful in meeting their desire of bringing their own healthy baby into this world.

Therefore, the fertility center from A to Z implements the following strategy:

  1. An all-inclusive approach (all the investigations and treatments provided under one roof).
  2. A professional and well-trained staff. Upon admission we do a thorough background check of your past medical history.
  3. During the first consultation where the aforementioned will be summarized, we will perform a thorough pelvic ultrasound in order to assess your uterus and ovaries. Furthermore, we will assess your ovarian reserve based on your AFV-antral follicle count.
  4. We will pay close attention to small details throughout the entire process.
  5. The treatment will be tailored made to best fit your needs, rather than simply following common protocol.
  6. A careful pregnancy follow-up where several physicians (the number depends on whether it is a high-risk pregnancy).

Our clinic specializes in recurrent implantation failure using various examinations and treatment:

  1. Dynamic imaging of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and pelvis using a unique technique developed in out clinic called an Ultrasound-Hystero-Salpingo (a combination of a diagnostic hysteroscopy while providing images of the fallopian tubes and the pelvis).
  2. Assessing each women's individual window of opportunity for implantation (ERA endometrial receptivity array), a technology based on molecular biology.
  3. Special treatment methods for woman with a thin uterine lining:
  • Infusing of GCSF (Granulocyte colony stimulating factor).
  • Infusion of PRP (platelet rich plasma).
  1. Improving the chances of success implantation using the following methods:
  • Infusion of Pregnyl before embryo transfer.
  • Using the afterload technique during embryo transfer to optimize the process.
  • Using an aspirator that activates the natural systems to enable natural support-an original method that was developed in our clinic.
  • Individualized support, and close monitoring of the optimal hormonal levels to fit your needs.
  • Minimizing the occurrence of chemical pregnancies.
  1. A two-step treatment method:
  • Maximizing utilization of the ovarian reserve to create a wide denominator, while freezing a high-quality numerator (freeze only).
  • Find the ideal time (usually based on the natural ovulation system) Embryo transfer (usually at the blastocyst phase).
  1. Fertility treatments based on the natural ovulation cycle-hormone free!
  2. Maximizing ovarian reserve:
  • Preliminary treatments to improve ovarian reserve.
  • Improving ovarian function in women with POI-premature ovarian insufficiency.
  • Improving the quality of the oocytes using growth hormone.
  1. Optimizing ovarian potential using the following methods:
  • Considering your individual monthly AFC-antral follicle count.
  • Choosing the final triggering regimen (the last injection given before oocyte retrieval) by choosing a combination of medications taken in a time schedule best befitting your needs.
  1. Surrogacy based on the natural cycle.
  2. Oocyte donation based on the natural cycle.
  3. Precision during every step of the way, including the values of progesterone prior to retrieval, after implantation and at the beginning of the pregnancy, the morphology of the uterus during retrieval, all while considering your own personal medical history.

To arrange and appointment for an initial consultation please contact joy-joy@fertility.org.il.

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