GCSF Infusion

GCSF Infusion

Neupogen (Filgrastim) injection, was originally used to reduce the risk of infection in patients receiving chemotherapy and suffer from a diminished white blood cell count, a decrease which cause the immune system to be more susceptible to various infections and diseases.

The active ingredient in the injection is called GCSF-granulocytes-colony stimulating factor, which stimulates the bone marrow to create more white blood cells at an increased pace.

Recent studies show that intrauterine infusion of GCSF in woman whose endometrium is less then 7 mm thick, and who do not respond to standard medical treatment, can increase endometrial thickness, and improving the chances of successful implantation.

It should be noted that GCSF has no effect on the genetic makeup of the embryo, and therefore it considered safe to use in woman who wish to become pregnant.

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