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We offer you the most innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and provide you with the guidance of our team of experienced and well-trained professionals. At our fertility center we put your needs above all else, as you embark on the exciting journey of bringing a child into this world.

Under one roof approach

The desire to become a parent is a universal one. Many woman and couples experience various obstacles on their journey towards parenthood, whether biological, physiological, or emotional. Here at the fertility center "from A to Z", we have an all-inclusive approach when it comes to a woman's fertility, as well as fetal health and wellbeing. For this purpose, we offer all the diagnostic means required for thorough investigation of various causes of both male and female infertility, as well as the therapeutic techniques required to solve these issues. Furthermore, we perform all the pregnancy follow up test necessary to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve on your journey towards parenthood, all under one roof.

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The desire to become a parent is a universal one. Many women and couples experience various obstacles on the road to becoming parents, whether biological, physiological, or emotional. Our fertility center will provide you with all the necessary services in terms of fertility and fetal medicine. We will guide you from the very beginning and up until the birth of your child.

For this purpose, our center provides all the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches necessary to investigate and solve both male and female infertility issues. Furthermore, we perform all the required pregnancy follow up tests, all under one roof, enabling you to feel secure throughout the entire process.

Personalized fertility treatments

Approximately 70-80% of couples who have trouble conceiving, will successfully conceive via standard methods of fertility treatments.

Nonetheless, the remaining 20-30% of couples will continue to have trouble conceiving unless they undergo a thorough investigation, enabling a diagnosis and treatment plan tailor made for their needs.

Here at our fertility center from A to Z we are firm believers in personalized medicine. We believe that each woman, and therefore every couple should undergo a process of tailor-made fertility treatments, and thus avoid the very disappointing and frustrating process of recurrent implantation failure.

Dr. Itai Bar-Hava

Dr. Itai Bar Hava, the director of the fertility center from A-Z, is a world renowned and highly experienced fertility specialist. Dr. Itai Bar-Hava is a lecturer in the Sackler faculty of medicine in Tel Aviv University, as well as Ben Gurion University's faculty of medicine. Furthermore, he has trained many medical student and residents, all while being the proud father of five.

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