Nutrition and female fertility

Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are both vitally important when it comes to female fertility.

Making wise choices when it comes to your nutrition, increases your chances of successfully conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby. Woman who are overweight decrease their chance of becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy child.

The most important guidelines to take under consideration:

  1. Smoking is prohibited
  2. Alcohol consumption is prohibited.
  3. Coffee consumption should be limited to three cups a day (this includes other caffeinated beverages).
  4. Increasing the consumption of complex carbohydrates (whole grains, legumes, and whole wheat-based products), while avoiding simple carbohydrates (candy and sugar, juices, and white flour-based products).
  5. Wise consumptions of fats: enriching your diet with foods with unsaturated fat and omega 3 fatty acids and avoiding foods containing saturated fat and trans-fat.
  6. Consumption of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables of all colors, and consuming vitamins, mineral and antioxidants.
  7. Avoiding foods containing phytoestrogens.


For further nutritional consultation, you can arrange and appointment here at the fertility center from A o Z, with the center's nutritionist Noami Keidar.

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